Mixed Reality. Headset.

Immersive, Versatile, Revolutionary

Introducing the first 3D Audio Player which revolutionizes your audio experience.

Available in 2019.

Transform your way of listening to music.

Breath-taking, moving audio experience.
Stunning richness and depth. From your every angle.

You can hear your music in your own way, thanks to Whoborn’s 360 degree, binaural and head-tracking technology.

Your music. When and Wherever.

Simple. Hassle-free. Built-in Audio Player.

MR.H’s built-in audio player overcomes the poor sound quality of conventional Bluetooth headphones/earbuds, with maximum portability.


Free yourself from the traditional ways. No more wires. More wireless.

Up to 10 hours

Continuous playback on a single charge

Built-in Audio Player

8GB Memory

High Quality Audio Sound

192Khz, 24bit

Not headphones,
but headset.

Wireless and Stylish.

MRH revolutionizes the way to wear wireless headphones, embodying trendy and chic design.

The Most Powerful 3D Audio Player.

Innovation for your ears.

3D Audio, known as binaural effect, HRTF – Head-Related Transfer Function – or the acoustics filters, allows a 360º spatial, more realistic and immersive audio experience over headphones.

Any Smartphone.
Any Music.
Full Connectivity.

Employing Bluetooth technology, MRH can connect to any smartphone, anywhere and anytime.

We Make What You Want.

Choose your own MRH.



Green Blue


Dark Black


MRH will be with you soon.

MRH is ready for release.

Concert Live

To be or not to be. At a concert.

Real Nature

Experience the world around you.

Your Own Way 

No more presets. Do it yourself.

Let’s Meet at CES 2019!

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